Solid tumor treatment solutions
Radiotherapy treatment equipment
Whole body hyperthermia equipment
Photodynamic therapy equipment
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Systematic red light treatment equipment
Radiotherapy treatment equipment
 · Gyro knife - γ series
Radial surgery treatment equipment with cobalt-60 as radial source
Unique gyroscope peak is formed by the gyro rotating three-focusing technology. It can replace most of the surgery in the treatment of solid tumors.
 · Gyro knife-x series
Using the linear accelerator x-ray as the source
It is supported by fine structure and physical indexes of gyro knife, and can avoid cumbersome approval of the government for using cobalt source.The follow-up configuration equipment is multi-row CT and SPECT.The gyro knife makes it possible to terminate the radiotherapy equipment.
 · GammaStar
Cobalt-60 is the radiation source of γ-ray special radial surgery treatment equipment for head
With automatic machine, graceful shape and excellent physical indicators.It is the most sophisticated radiotherapy equipment for head in the world.
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